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Th​e Inn

Escobar's Farmhouse Inn is owned by Louis & Jane Escobar. 

The inn is located across the street from Escobar's Highland Farm, one of Rhode Island's few remaining dairy farms. 

To take advantage of the seasonal flow of tourists to the local area, 

the Escobar's decided to open a classic New England farmhouse style Bed & Breakfast.

The Inn had always been a dream for Jane, & she worked diligently, for several years, 

to create a comfortable "home away from home" for her guests.  

We opened our doors in 2010 and it's been one heck of a ride!

Our owners: Louie & Jane Escobar

Louie Escobar never wanted to be anything but a dairy farmer, and despite a tractor accident that left him a quadriplegic, he continues dairying.

The farm was started by Louie’s dad, and in 1972, Louie took over. While Louie always wanted to be a dairy farmer, life on the farm for Jane was also the fulfillment of a city girl’s childhood dream. The two married in 1986 and have spent the last 30 years striving to keep the farm viable in the ever-changing dairy industry.

Sure, he’s worn out at least one set of tires on his motorized wheelchair, but no matter – he’s a familiar sight in the barn, and has been known to chase down more than a few cows in that chair of his, says his wife, Jane. (He laughs off the time he turned over the chair and broke a rib. No matter. Just part of life on the farm.)

Jane Escobar, in addition to helping on the Farm, is a highly regarded dairy artificial insemination technician; she was written up in Hoard’s Dairyman, (8/25/94, page 570) the “New York Times” of dairy farm magazines, for her outstanding record. 

She breeds cows of other farmers in the area with frozen semen of carefully selected bulls, which is collected and stored by very large businesses engaged in the highly technical job of assuring that each calf born will mature into an outstanding milk producer. 

The genetic database and registration of these animals and their milk production is the business of the Holstein Association USA in Brattleboro, Vermont.

The Far​m

Our award-winning dairy farm is located on Middle Road, directly "across the way" from the Inn. and has been a fully operational dairy farm since 1937. 

Milking of the cows occurs twice a day, every day at 6:00-8:00 am and 4:30-6:30 pm. All of our guests are cordially invited to wander over to meet owner Louis & his wife Jane, all the farm hands, as well as the cows, heifers and calves!  


2072 East Main Road Portsmouth, RI 02871

(401) 293-5777

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